Video 7.

Polarized Lfc-GFP distribution precedes retraction of explorative protrusions. A DC expressing Lfc-GFP and EB3-mCherry was acquired while migrating under agarose (first part) or within a 3D pillar array (last part) toward a soluble CCL19 gradient in 2-s intervals on an inverted spinning-disk microscope (inverted signal). Purple arrowheads denote persistent diffuse trailing edge Lfc-GFP signal. Orange arrowheads highlight protrusion-retraction accompanied by a change of Lfc-GFP signal distribution. White and black arrowheads indicate filamentous Lfc-GFP signal distribution in protruding areas after repolarization. Time in [min:s]. Scale bar, 10 µm. Frame rate, 20 frames per second.

Microtubules control cellular shape and coherence in amoeboid migrating cells

Aglaja Kopf, Jörg Renkawitz, Robert Hauschild, Irute Girkontaite, Kerry Tedford, Jack Merrin, Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Dirk Trauner, Hans Häcker, Klaus-Dieter Fischer, Eva Kiermaier, and Michael Sixt

DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201907154
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