Video 1.

Intravital visualization of soluble antigen distribution and DC-mediated uptake. (Part I) CD11c-YFP mice were injected in the footpad with 40 kD dextran-Texas Red, and the draining LNs were imaged with intravital two-photon microscopy immediately after. Video demonstrates rapid drainage of antigen (red) into the LS, as well as conduit-independent and conduit-mediated dispersal deeper into the parenchymal space and to the HEVs. (Part II) CD11c-YFP: CFP BM chimeric mice were injected with OVA-Texas Red in the footpad, and draining LNs were imaged with two-photon microscopy. Video demonstrates rapid antigen (red) dispersal across the LS-endothelium (white), with arrows highlighting examples of DCs (green) that have taken up antigen (yellow/orange).

Dendritic cell and antigen dispersal landscapes regulate T cell immunity

Michael Y. Gerner, Kerry A. Casey, Wolfgang Kastenmuller, and Ronald N. Germain

DOI: 10.1084/jem.20170335
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