Video 5

GFP–α-tubulin transport and incorporation during ciliary regeneration. This composite video is based on several recording, spans 6 min 40 s, and shows a cell during regeneration of its two cilia after deciliation by a pH shock. The arrowheads mark the initial position of the ciliary tips. Note IFT trafficking of GFP-tubulin and its incorporation into the distal ciliary segment as cilia grow. The video corresponds to Fig. 3 B, was recorded at 10 fps, and is displayed as a 5× time lapse. Images were recorded using a microscope (Eclipse Ti-U) equipped with TIRF illumination.

Tubulin transport by IFT is upregulated during ciliary growth by a cilium-autonomous mechanism

Julie M. Craft, J. Aaron Harris, Sebastian Hyman, Peter Kner, and Karl F. Lechtreck

DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201409036
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